Our hairstylists are Deborah Carter, Ramie Pettigrew, Jordan Ponder, and Stefani Spandau.

All hair services include comprehensive consultation, service, shampoo, blowdry, and style of your choice.

Haircuts and Styling

We cut hair in a different way. We cut dry. We sculpt with our shears. We carve shapes into interiors and shatter the perimeters and parameters. Our haircuts last, and last, and last. Prices vary between stylists.

  • woman's haircut and style
  • man's haircut and style
  • kid's haircut and style
  • woman's shampoo and style only
  • updo

We offer one complimentary bang trim in between haircut appointments.

Haircolor Services

We color hair in a very different way. We splash, we weave, we work magic with non-symmetrical patterning. Prices vary by stylist and type of service.

  • root retouch color
  • all-over color
  • partial highlights/lowlights
  • full highlights/lowlights
  • demipermanent glaze
  • corrective color

We use permanent and demipermanent haircolor from Keune, a Dutch company that sets the world standard for quality. It is designed to exceed the EU's strict guidelines for cosmetic products, which makes it much safer than any haircolor manufactured in the United States. It features three lines: one permanent line with low levels of ammonia and PPDs for maximum coverage and lift; and one permanent and one demipermanent line, each with zero ammonia or PPDs, for the gentlest and least toxic haircolor experience possible.

Keratin Treatments

Keratin treatments are the ultimate in healing for dry, frizzy, or damaged hair. Pure keratin protein penetrates the cuticle, filling in damage caused by coloring, heat styling, environmental exposure, and previous chemical treatments. This reduces porosity and leaves hair feeling soft and silky smooth. Reduces styling time and leaves hair more manageable. With proper homecare, these treatments will remain in the hair for 3 - 6 months, gradually fading with each shampoo. Price will depend on hair length and density.

We use exclusively Global Keratin brand keratin treatments. Global Keratin is the only keratin treatment that features Juvexin, a patented protein derived naturally from sheep's wool in an environmentally friendly and cruelty-free process. Global Keratin's treatment line features several strengths and formulas that can be customized to your specific hair type and smoothing needs.